Who am I?

I live in Geneva, the famous international city of Switzerland, surrounded by magical mountain scenery. The closeness to the Lake Leman creates an inspirational atmosphere for new ideas in view of my jewellery. I enjoy the creation handcrafted design of limited series or pieces “one of a kind”.

I have received my diploma from HAW of design in Hamburg. First, I worked as a designer in the fashion printing industry in the southern part of Germany. Nowadays I create textile jewellery or small series where I integrate textile structures in precious metals. I had started by transforming hair-thin metal threads into wearable textile sculptures. More recently, I have developed textiles constructions like knit or crochet in fine silver thread that I fuse with silver plates, known as Keum-boo. To integrate colours I am using enamel or biopolymère resin coloured with precious pigments like the Medici RED.

I am participating at various exhibitions like “Design is in the house” in Mont-Pèlerin organised by Oliver Schneider and Patricia Pittet and the “Designdays” 2019 in Geneva/Pavillon SICLI and at the gallery "Series Rares" run by Emmanuel Excoffier(EXEM) and his wife Mireille. . My necklace “Medio” has been chosen by the association FormForum to present different Swiss designer at the ”Designer Saturdays 2016”, My work is now presented at Galerie CEBRA, Düsseldorf


Textil Diploma Fachhochschule Hamburg Professors: Gisela Bührmann, Wofgang Bauer
Exchange year at ZDHK Zürich Bärbel Birkelbach
Continuing education: Jewellery fabrication with following Goldsmiths Diane Azzam, Isabelle von Rotz, Michelle Merlin, Valérie Bertrand (alle in Genf), Giovanni Corvaja(I) , Bettina Dittlman(D), Jane McCaig(E), Esther Brinkmann




Jewellery MEDIO

Meadow Sages small Series


Design Days Genève Genève 2019
Galerie Series Raraes Genève, Carouge 2019
Swiss Design Market Baden 2019
Galerie YvART Yverdon-les-Bains 2018-
Desingngut Gewerbemuseum Winterthur 2017
Wauw Desingnmesse Luzern 2017
Swiss Design Pop Up Store Bern 2017
Design Saturdays Langenthal 2016
Marché d’ici même Sécheron et Eaux-vives 2016
UNICREA Château de Morges 2016
Galerie ARTPANORAMA Patricia Pittet et Oliver Schneider Mont-Pèlerin 2015
Marché des Createurs Genève 2012, 2014, 2015
Leurres et Lueur, Art en Campagne Collex-Bossy (F-CH) 2011
La Perspicace, “dix ans déjà”, exposition collective Genève 2009
ATBA, Bureau d’architecte Genève 2008
Galerie Sheriban Türkman Berlin 2006
Galerie Rehalp Zürich Oktober 2005
Français , Deutsch